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    Dave Riendeau said “I keep seeing that great looking redish brown tool box and chest in Pauls videos, anybody know what that might be made of? Its a beautiful piece of furniture, one day I hope to make one like that.”

    Hi Dave,
    The box in question looks like a top loading tool chest with lower drawers for small tools. It’s elevated for ease of use and potentially made using mahogany or mahogany stained pine. I tend to avoid using oak for tool storage due to it’s tannin content and it’s effect on ferrous metals.

    Brent Ingvardsen

    Im planning a wall mounted cabinet now.


    Meridianville, Alabama, USA

    Charles Cleland

    I have the wall behind my bench set up with a french cleat system, inspired by the Logan Cabinet Shop videos by Bob R. Tools are hung/held by special holders designed for each tool, mostly dowels inserted into a matching piece of french cleat. Appliances (Shooting Board, bench hook with protractor glued to it, etc) are hung by a matching french cleat (with the point planed down for strength) used as a stop for double duty  Fortunately I have a window sill right behind my bench large enough to set my #3, #4, #5, and block plane on , and my #7 came to me with a hanger hole drilled in it already, so it hangs on the window frame above the others.  For saws I built a hanger similar to this, only with pieces of glue stick rather than rubber balls. Works well. All in all I’m pretty happy, but I still need to come up with an efficient solution for storing auger bits. Anyone have a good solution that keeps them accessible?

    Washington State, USA
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    I’m using a french cleat system like Charles.  I prefer to have everything in plain sight and, easy to get to, as much as possible.

    I’ve just started building my system.  As you can in the pictures, it needs some refinement and, as I learn more, that will happen.

    I also plan to build a tool box so I can tote ’em around but, that will be a rarity.


    Texas, USA


    Speaking of tool storage, I added another 2X4 to the side of my bench (Paul plans).  Since it is against the wall. I mortised slots for all my chisels to be stored there and readily used.

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