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Transferring high quality images to wood

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    Antonio Santos


    Does anyone know how I can transfer some graphic images made on computer to the wood? Does anyone know how to do this, so that it is well done and perfectly crisp?
    For example, my son’s wooden toys have several images that have not been painted. It’s clear that they were transferred to wood or printed somehow.
    How can I do this in my creations? I already tried to do with mod podge, but it gets blurred and the results are not very professional .. For example, in the photos in attach,
    How were these drawings transferred to the wood? When I pass my hand there are no irregularities. Is there any way to do this at home?

    Thank you.

    Colin Scowen

    I’ve never looked at colour print transfer, but this link demonstrates some techniques you might want to at least experiment with.

    Larry Geib

    In the days before laser printing and such, lots of printing on toys was just done with a rubber stamp and paint, or silk screened. Obviously, you would have to do enough volume to make that pay.

    Antonio Santos

    Hum… it has to be another way

    Antonio Santos

    Thanks, but I’ve already seen it. Still, I need to find another way… how are printing in toys made?

    Stijn Bossuyt

    I always use a laser print transfer liquid. Gives very crisp results! Sparingly brush the liquid on both surfaces (wood and paper with laser print), leave to dry, and wash away the paper with a wet sponge. It helps to print on thinner paper. The brand name I use is Powerprint by a Belgian manufacturer called Powertex. Might be hard to get outside of Belgium, but I’m sure there are similar products available elsewhere.
    Oh, and don’t forget to print in mirror image.

    Antonio Santos

    Thanks for the info.
    Is this the one?

    Does it really leaves crisp results? By the photo examples, it seems the pictures are a little faded.
    And do you use a laser or a inkjet printer?

    Jim Braun

    Check out TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin on you tube

    He demonstrates several methods for doing photo transfers.


    Monmouth County, New Jersey

    Antonio Santos

    Hi Jim,

    This seems very helpfull!
    THanks, I’ll give it a go.

    Stijn Bossuyt

    That’s the one. It does give crisp results, but you need to be careful while rubbing the paper off. Use only with laser prints. Ink jet prints give blurry results.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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