Use of sidelighting when planing

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    Bill HallBill Hall

    Working on planing the curved aspect on the sides of the Keepsake Box.

    After I get the curve close to where I want it, I hold a flash light off to the side and pointed to towards and across the surface. It really highlights the little plane marks left in the suface that I can now set my plane to a very fine setting and remove the tiny plane lines I could see.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever tried this…..worked pretty nicely I thought.

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    Yes, it’s commonly known as “raking” light
    and it’s mentioned in many woodworking texts and videos.

    Bill HallBill Hall


    Yes, before I retired we used it all the time for defect inspection. Worked great then as well as now when I tried it here.



    I use it for sanding with a pair of cheap floodlights, it reveals even the tiniest dink scratch or error, very good for inspecting the wood at each stage of the process, good for when you sand to a higher grit and want a high gloss finish.

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