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    neil grayson

    For various family health issues after two years my Paul Sellers workbench is finally built. OK so I did not leave enough shoulder on the rails and after rounding over the mortices look worse than they are but its my first woodwork since school in 1969. I am actually pretty chuffed with it over all and I can only get better, Thoroughly enjoyed the use off the hand tools and that I can say “I did that” (all be it with a lot of help from Paul’s videos – thank you Paul).

    I have create myself a problem now because some 9″ vices came on offer at around 2/3 price so I jumped at one without thinking. The vice mounting part of the vice is only 65mm depth unlike Paul’s which is 89mm. I note presumably in order to give more depth for the screws and because Paul’s vice is deeper he packed it underneath an idea I like because it gives a flat surface instead of the irregular glue lamination and longer screws get a better bite.

    In the same way that Paul increased the width of the vice by adding 1″ either side I was wondering if anyone has done something similar by mounting a vice lower and making the liners stand up by an inch (or even half) above the jaws? I know it may make gripping right at the top an issue but I think good liner would overcome this and in the workbench gallery I have seen 2 I think who have.

    Has any one done this or have any opinions on liners higher than the vice jaws?

    Any and all opinions welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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