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    Tim ShacklefordTim Shackleford

    HI all,
    I’m part-way through making the new Paul Sellers workbench. I’ve milled and laminated everything, ready to start cutting to length etc. One problem though, is that my well-board needed a lot of work to get it flat, so now it’s only about 3/4″ thick, rather than Paul’s recommended 1″.

    Do you think 3/4″ would be sufficient? Or do I really need to buy some new timber and remake that panel?

    Also, a large knot fell out of the board, which would need to be filled if I do end up using it. Any ideas how to plug a knot hole that’s 40mm wide and 50mm long? (the piece that fell out isn’t an option).

    Kind regards,

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    Derek LongDerek Long


    Mine is a standard box store 1×10. Works fine.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Jonathan ArdJonathan Ard


    I used a 1×10 as well. Only planed out the mill marks. Not everything has to be exact to what Paul recommends…that’s what makes it yours.

    J. W. Ard

    Jeffrey FreemanBlacklabretriever


    I glued up 3 2×4’s and then planed them down. Unfortunately, they warped rather badly by the time I was ready to install them. I used a thickness planer to get a straight length and wound up with about 3/4 thick. I looked at Paul’s build of this in the Artisan book and noted that he only used a 3/4 inch board in that build so I decided to keep it. I did omit the rabbet and groove and merely screwed it in to the bearer boards. It has worked fine so far.

    Tim ShacklefordTim Shackleford


    Thanks for the replies guys! Looks like 3/4″ might be an option then.

    To Blacklabretriever: that’s exactly what i did, and used my thickness paint as well. Unfortunately the knot fell out as it passed through the thickesser and it got chewed up by the blades.

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