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    Tim Shackleford

    HI all,
    I’m part-way through making the new Paul Sellers workbench. I’ve milled and laminated everything, ready to start cutting to length etc. One problem though, is that my well-board needed a lot of work to get it flat, so now it’s only about 3/4″ thick, rather than Paul’s recommended 1″.

    Do you think 3/4″ would be sufficient? Or do I really need to buy some new timber and remake that panel?

    Also, a large knot fell out of the board, which would need to be filled if I do end up using it. Any ideas how to plug a knot hole that’s 40mm wide and 50mm long? (the piece that fell out isn’t an option).

    Kind regards,

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    Derek Long


    Mine is a standard box store 1×10. Works fine.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado

    Jonathan Ard


    I used a 1×10 as well. Only planed out the mill marks. Not everything has to be exact to what Paul recommends…that’s what makes it yours.

    J. W. Ard



    I glued up 3 2×4’s and then planed them down. Unfortunately, they warped rather badly by the time I was ready to install them. I used a thickness planer to get a straight length and wound up with about 3/4 thick. I looked at Paul’s build of this in the Artisan book and noted that he only used a 3/4 inch board in that build so I decided to keep it. I did omit the rabbet and groove and merely screwed it in to the bearer boards. It has worked fine so far.

    Tim Shackleford


    Thanks for the replies guys! Looks like 3/4″ might be an option then.

    To Blacklabretriever: that’s exactly what i did, and used my thickness paint as well. Unfortunately the knot fell out as it passed through the thickesser and it got chewed up by the blades.

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