What knife is paul using in the Spoons series?

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    Does anyone know what knife Paul is using in the spoon series. I am looking to get a general purpose carving knife and am a little lost in figuring out what to get. I am looking at Lee Valley as the free shipping thing is going on but they do not seem to have a selection of knives for this. Or they are not named what i think they are and am missing them (most likely). So does anyone have any suggestions on a good general purpose carving knife? I have heard the term Sloyd knife but it does not come up in a search at Lee Valley.

    This is the one I have been looking at (middle size):



    Philip Adams

    Hi John,
    Paul is using a Mora (Frost) 106, which is indeed a sloyd knife and is a great knife at a great price.

    I bought mine from here in the UK:

    Oh, and for anyone who wants to know what sloyd is, check this out: http://greenwood-carving.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/what-is-sloyd.html

    I work alongside Paul to plan and produce the videos for Woodworking Masterclasses

    Greg Merritt

    Have a look at Ragweed Forge. They have a great selection and its $6.00 shipping in the US.



    Thanks for the replies and the link. Problem solved 🙂


    I picked up a Morakniv from Amazon. $22 and shipping was free, but cost about the same as the carving knives from ragweedforge.com after the shipping is added…


    I went with the same knife from Amazon. Free shipping. I am happy with it. No frills but no extra money. It came pretty sharp but I am sure I can get it sharper. Now off to the firewood pile :)…

    Jonathan Skipsey

    Yep, the Mora knifes are pretty much unbeatable for price and reliable quality. I own 2 of them. Because they have slim blades they are good for detail cuts, concave shapes etc. For heavier work I made my own knife using a Finnish Lauri blade from Attleborough Accessories (80 X 25 drop point) set into an English elm handle, with a hand made elm and leather sheath. Here it is in a photo
    Pegs for drawbored joints (trenails)[/url] by goldsmithexile1[/url], on Flickr
    cheers Jonathan

    Jonathan Skipsey

    Here is a better picture
    Home made carving knife[/url] by goldsmithexile1[/url], on Flickr
    I dont know what it is with scandinavian knife blades, but their steel s very resilient and will take and keep a fantastic edge. Same with my axe (again made in Finland by Roselli) The knife in the pic is awesome for whittling pegs. It is flat (“scandi”) ground, it works pretty much like a mini plane because the blade rubs so you avoid that in and out effect…


    As a swede, I am glad to hear that you like “ours” Morakniv.
    I have more than 20 of them in various types and conditions.
    Usually I get them from zero to about a single pound on markets, outlets and garage sales.
    Go for the carbon steel or the laminated steel. The handle doesn´t matter, it can be replaced.

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