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    Hi everyone what do you think its a good sale price for this table?


    That is not a simple question. It is what ever someone is willing to pay.

    Reputation enters in to this. Someone with Paul’s reputation can demand more for the same piece as you or I.

    One simple method, the asking price is triple the cost of the materials. But this method falls apart the more complicated the piece.

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    David Perrott

    Well there no picture so makes it a bit hard! This video was informative.
    How to price your work. A Simple Technique. by Make Something


    i am thinking 350 dlls all white oak i am just trying to get more wood ans some tools at this time the rent of my workshop and my time its not important i just want to make my
    practice a little cheaper =) what do you think?


    Remember furniture is a durable good and will last for a hundred years or more. So, you probably are not asking enough especially if you design the furniture yourself. However, getting someone to pay the price you are worth is another story. Lastly, if it’s for family or close friends then that changes the equation.

    I’m not sure how much white oak costs around you, but $350 might barely just cover the cost of lumber and supplies, not including your time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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