Where to buy 9/32 -24 die in the UK?

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    Anyone here in the U.K. know where I can buy a die to suit the 9/32″ 24tpi thread on the lever cap screw on the Stanley No. 4 plane?
    I’m restoring an old Stanley Bailey USA plane and need to chase the thread on the lever cap screw to clean it up.


    Andrew Gardiner

    Can’t help with a die (which is obviously a non-standard size) but perhaps a thread restoring file such as here which claims a 24tpi section would be suitable?



    Hi AndyG
    Many thanks for your reply. Your suggestion sounds to be the solution since, as you say, the thread is non-standard so the likelihood of finding a die here in the U.K. is very slim.

    Larry Geib

    Try looking for “adjustable threading die”. They are made for cleaning threads, not cutting them.
    5/16-24 is a standard size and should adjust down 1/32″. Adjustable threading dies are designed for the purpose. Ask about adjustability range before you buy.

    But Stanley threads are based on old ( pre 1850) Whitworth standards, so the threads are 55° instead of UNF 60° On older planes. They will still work, though.

    I don’t know about the U.K., but in the USA, here’s the first that popped up.

    I did see some UK listings, but with 598 listings, I’ll let you check.
    They seem more expensive there, though. It might pay to order from the USA.


    Hi Larry
    Thanks a lot for your input – I’ve checked it out and I can buy this die over here through Amazon for the equivalent of about $12 which isn’t too bad (it actually ships from the USA). For that price it’s worth a go – so thanks again for the suggestion.

    Larry Geib

    Let us know how it works out. If you don’t have a die holder, you can squeeze the die with just a hose clamp and clean the threads by hand or with an adjustable wrench.

    Edouard Poitras

    Hi larry-
    I know you are probably sure of the measurement but the standard SAE fine thread for a 10/32 or 5/16 is also 24 tpi- You are off by a 32nd. Maybe you should try a 5/16-24 screw or nut depending on what you are trying to match.
    Good Luck,

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    Larry Geib

    I am fully aware that 9/32 is 1/32 different than 5/16.

    I specified an


    die that I believe can be reduced that 1/32 inch to match the diameter of the Stanley bolt Ian is trying to rethread.

    9/32-24 is not a standard size, but 5/16-24 is common, and an ADJUSTABLE die should work fine to rethread the thinner bolt.

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