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    Chris Bunney

    Hi All,

    I live in Exeter, Devon (UK) and struggle to find somewhere to buy decent joinery quality wood. The hardware stores like B&Q and Wickes have PSE Redwood which they claim is joinery quality and “free of dead knots”, but neither of those statements are true! Also, they never seem to have anything wider than 6″ boards. As for hard woods – well; they don’t have anything other than beading.

    Is there anyone in Devon/Exeter who knows of a good place top get timber for joinery projects?


    Chris - Exeter, UK

    Neil Carter

    Hi Chris,

    This is probably too late now, but here goes. Have a look here http://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/local/listings/timber-merchants for the UKW Timber Merchant Listing.

    Also, http://www.britishhardwoods.co.uk/timber.html British Hardwoods do mail order.


    Thanks, Neil

    Nottingham, England

    Chris Bunney

    Thanks Neil,

    That’s a handy site! I just wish wood was not so expensive in the UK 🙁
    Good quality pine is expensive enough – not to mention hard woods!


    Chris - Exeter, UK


    You could try Yandles. They’re not a million miles from you, and they are great to deal with. Had some yellow pine delivered to me in London, very reasonably priced, and good service. I’m told they have a great yard, so maybe go have a look there?


    You will enjoy a trip to Yandles! I did. Good stock of timber.

    Oskar Nowik

    Hi, this is probably way to late for OP, but it might still help people finding this thread now. Based on personal experience, I recommend these guys: http://www.borderhardwood.com/oak-timber


    uuummm…. Devon hardwood 🙂

    Paul Dallender

    I’ve had the same issue here up in North Yorkshire and I have to agree, hard wood here in the UK is very expensive. I know we are always being told to practice on the cheaper pine but eventually I want to use the hardwoods but making a mistake which is more than likely at my level, then becomes quite costly.

    Wood recycling centers are few and far between or again those I’ve visited (50 to 80 miles away) have very very small amounts of hardwoods and usually only off-cuts which limit me to only making small boxes. I’m having to resort to Ebay and whilst I’ve had some moderate success, weighing up the level of my new learned skills against the cost of decent wood is a headache but I know I’ll have to take the plunge at some time or I’ll never progress.

    Paul - A southern lad living up north - Nr York England

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