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    Hi all,

    It’s time for me to buy a card scraper (rectangular) and with that comes a burnisher. Should I get the round or the triangle shaped burnisher? What are the pros and cons?

    Thanks in advance.


    Hey Michael, even CS Thinks the ARNO Carbur 2 Solid Carbide Burnisher is the best out there.

    Arno Burnisher: The One True No-fail Burnisher



    Thanks Ken. But what about the triangular burnisher? Mostly I see round ones.


    Hi Michael,

    I would definitely go for the round one. If the only scraper you want to burnish is a rectangular one, you will be happy with the triangular burnisher but it feels less comfortable on round and especially narrower inside profiles. I bought the triangular one because one of the woodworkers from fine tools said he liked it more than the round one and since I had no experience at all I took it.

    I enjoy working wood in Germany.


    I am also looking for the right file to straighten the scraper. Not sure which cut I need. Should I buy a bastard, 2nd or 3rd cut?


    Mark Armstrong

    I’m using a 2nd cut file.
    Also little trick put file in vise and run your scraper flat on bench top against file.Also if you have diamond plate put that in vise as well.
    It’s easier than trying to do that than trying to hold file level and flat on scraper in vise.
    I using round burnisher, you could use an un-platted screw driver of good quality carbon steel or Gouging chisel.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    I am not sure if this is available in Europe, but I use a Woodsmith card scraper sharpening jig. Comes with aNicholas file and a burnisher.


    Thanks guys.

    : That’s a Nicholson. After reading Paul’s blog about them I cannot buy this brand. I am going for the Bahco brand.

    The bastard cut, which is mentioned a lot, is probably too coarse.


    Do what you have to do buddy


    Still thanks for thinking along 🙂

    Paul Sellers

    Guys, I have some thoughts on burnishers that might help. The best one of all is one I had made. I will let you know on my blog shortly what I discovered and even how to male one that really works.I would certainly not buy a triangular burnisher. I have found round or oval is best all rounder without compromise.

    Mark Armstrong

    Eagerly await your Blog paul 😉

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    Thanks Paul. I am looking forward to the article.

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