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    Flat bottom or rounded grizzly tools has some generic stanly copies for $18.50 each. I’m not sure which to get or should I get both.
    These are for my 12yr old who is really getting into woodworking. What are the use differences between round and flat bottom spokeshaves? I’m getting into as well father and son stuff but it’s really his thing.


    @bearwen , I’ve never used the Grizzly shaves, but between the flat and round, get the flat. Round bottom shaves are anything but easy to use. I’ve been struggling to make round bottom shaves work for a while now and am just starting to succeed. Success seems to require an extremely sharp shave with a very fine setting and then a lot of sensitivity. For a first shave, go with the flat. The flat will do flat surfaces, convex curves, and moderate concave curves. The curved bottom is for tighter concave curves. I’d look for reviews of the Grizzly shaves to see what the blades are like and whether people are getting them to work.


    I took the opportunity to buy both flat and curved spokeshaves when a pair came up for sale, but I haven’t used either yet.

    Paul says in his book, you don’t really need a curved spokeshave.
    You get curved shapes a lot easier using the flat spokeshave.

    Derek Long

    Get the flat.

    Whatever you choose, I highly recommend getting the Stanley 151 type spokeshave design, with the threaded depth adjustment. I like my 51, but it is a pain to adjust, very fiddly. The 151 is just more convenient.

    Derek Long
    Denver, Colorado


    Yes, I’m with @Ed. The rounded ones are really quite an acquired skill.
    Start him with the flat ones.

    David B

    I just have a Record spokeshave which probably cost $10-15 off the shelf (it was a gift so I don’t know for sure). Seems to work as it should. I’m sure some are “better” than others but ultimately if you have a sharp cutting iron and a structurally sound spokeshave I’d think it’s more about the operator and his/her technique vs. what brand you bought (unless it has some crazy cool, new-fangled design features).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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