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    I have noticed when watching Paul work he will say for example he’s using a 1/2 chisel but it looks much larger. The same effect seems to be with the joints, although the tails are only a little under an inch, on the video they look much larger. I notice the same effect on Joe’s photos his tails look much larger than they are. Is this just my laptop or does everyone else appear so?

    Charles Cleland

    I get the same effect.

    Washington State, USA
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    I have noticed this too. Probably an artifact of them zooming in so details show up on video. Even so it’s made me second guess myself more than once.


    Well camera’s confuse for a few reasons, mainly because you can loose the sense of scale. Also there are distortions in the camera lens which will make things slightly off looking. In my photos I was using an iphone camera which has quite a lot of distortion. See wikipedia.

    Joe in California

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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