Won My 1st E-bay Auction! (Stanley No. 80)

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    John Moore

    I lost 3 bids before winning this one. I am, in a way, very glad to lose the others because this one is mint. I tuned it up, set it up, then scrapped it up.

    I have been needing this bad boy. Now, me and Mr.Wild Grain Mahogany can be friends.

    I can see where e-Bay can get addicting. I need a Record 044. LOL

    Lakeland, Florida USA


    Nice win John, well done buddy 😉

    Greg Merritt

    Congrats John. Thats a good looking #80. Looks like you have it tuned in.



    Nice win, John! It’s in great shape… even got the sticker on it.

    eBay is fun when you are winning. 🙂

    David Gill

    They are a great tool John I bought a new one, I could not believe how good it cuts

    Wigan, Lancs. England :

    John Moore

    Thanks everyone.

    I agree David, I could not believe the difference in the cut, especially on the wild grain.

    I knew when Mr. Sellers use it when his trusty No. 4 was struggling with the interlocking gain, it was time to start looking for one.

    I like using card scrapers, but this No. 80 is a much needed tool in my arsenal.

    Lakeland, Florida USA

    Steve Follis

    Nice win John, congratulations!

    Memphis, Tennessee

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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