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    Scott Morgan

    Could anybody recommend me any suppliers in the West Midlands area? Wanting to move away from the usual pines the DIY chains sell.


    I have used both Sykes Timber (Warwickshire) and Whitmore’s (Leicestershire) fairly recently. Sykes is a bit more friendly but the prices are a bit higher. I preferred Whitmore’s as we found a few bargains but as we went as a class it may be a bit different to joe bloggs off the street.


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    Not sure how near they might be to you but have you tried the Community Wood Recycling website http://www.communitywoodrecycling.org.uk/stores/ to see? I went along to my local one the other day for the first time and they had a good selection all at great prices.

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    I went to my local recycling place the other week and it wasn’t brilliant. The prices were not bad but the stock was of quite bad quality and among all the wood there it was almost impossible to find a 2×4 which was what I needed.

    So with the recycling places the prices are good but it depends on the day that you go if you’ll find good stock or not.

    Scott Morgan

    Yeah, I had a look after Paul’s videos on the Oxford recycling centre and noticed the Jericho place in Birmingham. Will take a look sometime, when I manage to get a Saturday morning free.

    James Lawford

    I can attest to Sykes being friendly; and they have a showroom you can browse at your leisure to check out all their different species of wood. They also have a barn with a lot of off-cuts, but in reality these includes some very useful smaller pieces that you could get while projects out of.

    As a general timber yard I have used Great Barr Sawmills in north Birmingham a few times. They are friendly but mostly let you get on with browsing and picking through timber, in case anyone feels intimidated by these kind of places. Just walk in. They have good quality redwood pine in lots of different sizes, plus a decent selection of hardwoods in long boards of various widths and thicknesses. There’s also a useful general builders/DIY shop next door owned by the same company.

    Major bonus point: they will cut and thickness to size for no extra charge! For my workbench I just selected some 3×3, handed the worker a cutting list and it all came back spot on.

    Scott Morgan

    I’ll give them a try James, thanks.

    Recently I’ve discovered a chain of builders merchants called Selco. They carry ‘hardwood’ which appears to be Sapele.

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