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    Korneel Valcke


    I recently started with woodwork after viewing Paul on youtube.
    Since then I have been searching for tools.

    Yesterday I was able to find this wooden jointer plane for 5 euros.
    The iron was rusted but with some work has a sharp edge now.
    There are some old woodworm holes but nothing to serieus.

    But just before the mouth, there was a piece removed. Any idea why this was done?
    Can I repair this by gluing some pine in place en plane it out?
    Better some hardwood?

    Bruges, Belgium


    My guess would be that the plane’s throat became excessively wide after many years of use and that is a repair. If/when you do replace it, I would use beech or some similar wood. Nice find!

    Matt McGrane

    I’ll second that. Pine would be way too soft and you want something pretty hard. It’s important in most planes that the mouth be only big enough to leave room for shavings and with a jointer you probably only want very thin shavings. The sole in front of the mouth should be flat and hard so that it holds down the wood you are planing before the iron cuts it.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016: