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    Tom Hitchner

    I haven’t seen a video of a workbench shelf from Paul, but he did have some pictures on his blog. I added one to my workbench, but I did it a little bit different because I wanted it to sit lower. I screwed some boards to the underside of the stretchers and added a strip along the back to help support the shelf and keep things from falling off the back. The back strip is glued and screwed from under the shelf board. It seems to be pretty solid even over a 4 foot span without a front support. I use it to store some appliances for mitering, so I needed it lower.

    FYI, I tongue and grooved the shelf boards to keep them in alignment, but I didn’t use glue to allow for some wood movement. Worked out pretty well so far.


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    looks good, I might make something similar for my bench

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    Greg Jones


    The shelf looks nice Tom-thanks for sharing. I’m also curious how you like your vice? I have a Jorgensen 41012, new in the box that I bought 3 years ago. I’m starting a new bench build in the next two weeks and I’m debating on using the 41012 or an older, Made in England Record 52-1/2D that has been nicely restored.

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