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    Had an email from Wood Workers Guild of America — someone wanted to know how to plane a small piece of poplar (3.5 inches long) — he was not sure it was safe to send it through the planer. WWGOA agreed and said don’t cut the wood before sending it through planer.
    Thanks to Paul Sellers, I thought –what’s the problem — lock in the vise or with bench hook, and use the good old #4 for a few strokes — how easy could it be? Guess I won’t be joining WWGOA!

    Doug Finch

    @cembalo8, I got the same email this morning. I chuckled too.


    Sounds like they had a good answer. If a guy had a few hundred small peices to plane, the power planer might make more sense. But for one peice it’s a no brainer. In the vice and ol #4.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein


    Not sure what you are attempting here. Is it to reduce thickness or make smooth, how wide and thick is piece.

    I would hold against a rising bench stop at front and a small screw into bench, at an angle, to the rear.

    With a short piece there is a risk of ending with a convex face??

    If you are simply smoothing you could try a scraper (u don’t say wood type)

    Ken Tee

    IIRC this dedicated society of sawdust manufacturers used to email me regularly with solutions to problems I never knew I had. The solution was usually sufficiently expensive that one needed to sell one’s family into lifelong slavery in order to finance the purchase.

    Apart from my fear of my wife’s possible objections to one of these purchases, I believe they never figured how to ship outside of North America. So, I still have my wife and still do not have any of the WWGOA ‘solutions’ to the problems I do not have.

    Just think about this:- If, thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, a 3 ½ inch piece of smooth wood had been an essential element in the construction of a Pharos’s tomb, the poor internet connections of the time would have deprived our World of the Pyramids. Emailing out to discover how to produce that all important component would have drawn a blank and the project would have been scrapped. It is amazing to think that so many advances in human technology have happened while our species is still struggling to produce a short length of smooth timber. Now, at least, we have the internet which enables us to ask other people how to plane short lengths of wood. Such a shame that so few have the answer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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