Workbench by Justin Deurmyer

I have been a guitar maker for almost ten years and have used a commercially purchased bench during that time. I received Paul Sellers’ first book as a gift for Christmas and fell in love with his bench design. I made the top of my bench slightly wider to accommodate my instruments. How did I ever function without a tool well? The bench was built out of Douglas Fir 2″x6″x 5 foot boards I already had. It made for a little more work cutting the mortise slots as I did the legs by laminating three per leg. I used an end vise (as that is what I have been used to using) and drilled holes for some hold fasts and dogs. I made a batch of chalk paint to paint all but the top. I rubbed some pure boiled linseed oil on the top. My new bench is a joy to work on! Thanks Paul for sharing so many great lessons and plans! I used only hand tools to build my bench and loved every minute of the process! Cheers, Justin Deurmyer, Lubbock, Texas