Gleb Dmitriev

  • Ecky,

    The workbench is almost identical to Paul’s except bench top length and legs assemblies are already done.
    I think I need to try to assemble in both positions using clamps without joinery and test it for toppling and spring. Will see how it works.
    Once again, thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Ecky,

    Good point but my bench top is around 2 5/8″ and I was wondering if extended distance between legs will lead to a spring of a bench top during planing for example. The wood is pine.

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m thinking about distance between legs since my workbench is one feet longer than Paul’s.
    Should i stick to 9″ distance from end of the workbench to the leg or preserve 38,5″ distance between legs assemblies hence increase overhang from 9″ to 14.5″ on each side of the workbench?

    Will appreciate any tips and feedback.

  • Now I know how real father of Christmas looks like 🙂
    Thanks for this wonderful project, Paul!