• thanks Paul. I’ll take your rafter size into account, as i plan on using the rafters for storage, and i don’t want sagging. I dont think i will go as big as that. After thinking about it, i dont want it square, so i’ll probably go 20×25. ground breaking is scheduled for July, so i have some time. But this is great, love the ceiling height…[Read more]

  • thanks, going to take that ceiling height advise. I’m going to put a rolling barn door on rails so i can get sheet material in easier. Due to location, I’m at the bottom of a hill/ravine, so north facing windows would show me a steep dirt incline. I get great southern exposure, so i have planned a couple windows and a large skylite facing S/SE.…[Read more]

  • not many restrictions really, i have enough property. I’m going to do most of the construction my self, kinda do that for a living. Maybe budget on some of the more expensive machines. but i want to go more with hand tools anyway. So i guess i’m asking the group that has a dedicated shop, what would you do differently if you had to do it all over…[Read more]

  • Hello all, first time doing this, so bear with me. I just got the go ahead to plan and build my very own woodshop in the backyard!! Would like some advise on layout. I have only one large tool, table saw. Best part, i get to start fresh, no re purposing a garage or a basement. i have watched a ton of Paul’s videos, and other youtube “Shop tours”…[Read more]