• Craig, would I be better off storing them upright for a couple of weeks rather than stickered? If so, why?


  • I’m in Maryland, Derek. My shop is an attached garage, but it does not have heating/air-conditioning.

    I’ll let them sit for a couple of weeks then in the garage, clean up the machine production marks, and then glue them the same day.

    So basically, prep only what you’ll be able to glue-up during that day or so?


  • Greetings All,

    I am about to begin my workbench build, and had a question before I get started.

    I’m in the USA, and the most readily available and economical stock for me to buy locally was the 2×4 ‘stud’ material marked SPF that Paul discusses in various posts referencing the workbench.

    Anyhow, I purchased my materials today and was wondering,…[Read more]