• Tom Kelf posted an update 3 years, 10 months ago

    New to the site and Woodworking, but finally at the age of 38 I’ve found what I love doing.
    After many searches on information (or mis-infomation) regarding a workbench to build, I stumbled upon Mr sellers.
    I’m now completely hooked on the site as its full of so much information to help me become a woodworker.
    I will be building my workbench soon and will post when I’m doing it, although in the meantime I need to get a square square, winding sticks etc etc.

    • I think Paul has a how to on winding sticks so no need to buy any of those. Good squares, test them, they are hard to find if you shop cheap. Woodpeck makes some nice ones and Chris Schwarz has plans for wood ones. Apparently square is not that hard, I had to throw three out that were out of true. Now I check them regularly and the wood ones are on my list to make this summer.

      Good luck with the bench, it was fun to build! My build is on my blog and was somewhat of a combination of his youtube and blog post versions,

      • Hi Mike, thanks for the reply.
        Yes I’ve seen the video on winding sticks and am making them at the moment. I’ve got a couple of 6″ squares that following Paul’s blog on testing for square, are square but I’m waiting on delivery of a 12″ Stanley he recommended, and when I can afford it ill be getting a starrett.
        As for the bench, I like your build very much, congratulations. I’m going to be doing mine very similar with a shorter top section at the back after the well, I too will be limited on space.