Kerfing Plane by Bartosz Pielak

Gallery Goodness, 27th September

By Mark Hawkins | 27 September 2017

With great pleasure, we present to you a collection of our latest user-submitted projects…

The Results Are In – Workspace Survey

By Philip Adams | 22 September 2017

Many thanks to all 1058 of you who took part in our recent survey asking ‘Which of these best describes your space?’. The results are in and make for some interesting reading (if you like stats!).

Seaman's Chest by Gerald Spence

Gallery Goodness: Super Summer Summary, 12th September 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 12 September 2017

We’ve had quite a few new photographs submitted over the summer period. Please consider this your official catch up now that the holidays are over and normal business has resumed.

Surveys Incoming

By Philip Adams | 18 August 2017

One of the great things about woodworking is that people from all over the world, in a whole range of circumstances (see the featured gallery images from WWMC members), can make such a large variety of projects, suited to a specific purpose and with lasting value. While we hope that the projects and videos we…

Sofa Table by chubbard

Gallery Goodness, 28th July 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 28 July 2017

It’s a day of heightened industry in the workshop. Paul has a class here, currently in its fourth day, and the air resounds with the various thuds, clangs, bangs and thumps that accompany hand tool woodworkers in full flow. But it’s not just here that folks are ripping and shaping, witness the preponderance of pieces photographed for your enjoyment over the course of this past month!

Cedar Strip Canoe by Kenneth Berregard

Gallery Goodness, 4th July 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 4 July 2017

We have some really amazing looking pieces here, and a lot of them! Many thanks to everyone who took the time to send them in. Dovetail Box by Alex D Pine dovetail box with two tone stain Keepsake Box by bpower Keepsake box in poplar. Keepsake Box by mkimber Sides New Guinea Rosewood, Top and…

Behind the Scenes – The technical team

By Philip Adams | 27 June 2017

Woodworking Masterclasses is a juxtaposition of mostly hand tool woodworking with hi-tech filming and web based technologies. In order to keep it running, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at some of what is involved in making that happen. Joseph provides the direction and focus for Woodworking…

Dovetail Box by Jon Weald

Gallery Goodness, 13th June 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 13 June 2017

From breadboards to headboards and from weather stations to teddy reservations; it’s all here in our latest roundup of gallery submissions. Take a look… Breadboard-end Cutting Board by martinemil First attempt. White oak. Frame Saw by jard011 Cherry and walnut. I used brass screws on the back to hold the blade and small walnut inlays…

Dovetail by btyreman

Gallery Goodness, 26th May 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 26 May 2017

It is hot, hot, hot in the workshop today. You can tell that summer is here because Paul has been outside with the BBQ. I was hoping for hotdogs, but it turned out that he was conditioning steel. We’ve had a whole lot of interesting pictures uploaded over the last couple of weeks and I…

Gallery Goodness, 9th May 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 9 May 2017

It’s Art Week here at the Sylva Wood Centre. The doors are open to the public and the various tenants are putting their handiwork on display. But they are not the only ones who are exhibiting this week, as we have also had a bumper batch of submissions to our photo gallery.