Our First Year – Thank You!

By Joseph Sellers | 1 November 2013

It’s been a year It was a year today that I posted the first video to this website. It wasn’t a particularly new venture, in many ways it was quite an old one. Paul, my dad, has been teaching woodworking for decades. The classes that we were booking were filling and much of the interest…

Introducing Phil

By Joseph Sellers | 13 August 2013

This website was launched nine months ago as an experiment. We wanted to see whether we could really help to train people using online videos as a medium. It has developed and grown in some great and unexpected ways. Along the way many of the members have acknowledged the fact that there must be more…

Buying oak in the UK? Consider ebay first!

By Paul Sellers | 23 February 2013

I just posted a blog on this on the paulsellers.com blog here because I thought it might be helpful to anyone and we should consoder splitting larger quantities between ourselves if that helps.

Future Projects – and the logic behind our scheduling

By Joseph Sellers | 17 December 2012

This is our first blog post on here! We intend to use this blog for announcements and newsy things. Future Projects The first item is a simple explanation. When we launched this site six weeks ago(!) we had no idea what the outcome would be. We have never done this before and had nothing to plan with. We…