Trestle Table by Yechiel Gottlieb

Gallery Goodness, 10th June 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 10 June 2020

More shop-made wonders await this week! Take a look.

Laptop Desk by Derek Bailey

Gallery Goodness, 19th May 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 19 May 2020

It is my great pleasure to once more present to you an assortment of images that have been sent in by our ever-productive woodworking community. Enjoy!

Coffee Table by Kered Winder

Gallery Goodness, 6th May 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 6 May 2020

It’s time for another little peak at everyone’s hard work.

Cherry Sideboard by schumie

Gallery Goodness, 20th April 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 20 April 2020

It’s another special bumper edition today, as we’ve been privileged to receive a plethora of positively praiseworthy pictures.

Console Table by Robert Theoret

Gallery Goodness, 8th April 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 8 April 2020

Folks have obviously been devoting some quality time to woodworking over the past few weeks. See below for some amazing making!

Vanity Unit by Yves Gaudreau

Gallery Goodness, 25th March 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 25 March 2020

Another round of brilliant pieces presented to you by the ever-talented community.

Working Through Difficult Times

By Joseph Sellers | 24 March 2020

As I am sure you are all aware, we are in a global pandemic. I wanted to let you all know a bit about how we are handling this as a team. Thursday last week we started working from home rather than in our office/studio/workshop. Our team are all healthy so far, but we wanted…

Bread Stow by Eric

Gallery Goodness, 10th March 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 10 March 2020

Well, everything has turned out very nice again this week! It’s a fantastic set of woodworking wonders.

Blanket Chest by Robert Phillipson

Gallery Goodness, 25th February 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 25 February 2020

We have another great post for you today, filled with examples of splendid, moving, intricate, hardwearing and heartwarming pieces.

Occasional Tables by c fenton

Gallery Goodness, 14th February 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 14 February 2020

Hello! As usual we have some really splendid works on show in this, the latest roundup of your galley submissions. Thank you for this amazing diversion and fantastic inspiration.