Keepsake Box by Kenneth McCraw

Gallery Goodness ’21 Inaugural Epic, 22nd February 2021

By Mark Hawkins | 22 February 2021

It’s been a long time coming, but here is the first gallery post of 2021. It features many, many exciting pictures, but still fewer than have been sent in, so keep your eyes peeled for future posts!

Sellers Home

By Joseph Sellers | 10 February 2021

For those of you who have been following along for a while the first episode of the new rocking chair video will follow a pretty familiar format. However, it actually marks the start of a new way of thinking about the content of this site. We have released bits of information here and there about…

Occasional Table by Robert Phillipson

Gallery Goodness, 12th November 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 12 November 2020

It’s time, once again, to have a little look at the latest lot of lovingly crafted pieces produced and photographed by our ever-creative community.

Toolchest by Larry Elam

Gallery Goodness, 21st October 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 21 October 2020

Hello and welcome to another exciting roundup of all the photos we have received of the various and varied projects our community has made in the past month. Thanks everyone!

Tool Tote by Larry Christensen

Gallery Goodness, 15th September 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 15 September 2020

It’s time for another roundup of remarkable community creations. Prepare to peruse!

Guitar Stand/Stool by Ian Hemphill

Gallery Goodness, 20th August 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 20 August 2020

We have another bumper bonanza of pristine projects for your delight and delectation today!

Blanket Chest by Gary Gibbons

Gallery Goodness, 21st July 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 21 July 2020

Tools at the ready, it’s time to make! There are great pieces here and no mistake!

Sandbox/Coffee Table by ramisdom

Gallery Goodness, 1st July 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 1 July 2020

It’s clear that folks have been having a great time with a whole range of different projects over the last month or so. See below for a range of neat creations.

Trestle Table by Yechiel Gottlieb

Gallery Goodness, 10th June 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 10 June 2020

More shop-made wonders await this week! Take a look.

Laptop Desk by Derek Bailey

Gallery Goodness, 19th May 2020

By Mark Hawkins | 19 May 2020

It is my great pleasure to once more present to you an assortment of images that have been sent in by our ever-productive woodworking community. Enjoy!