Trestle Table by Chris Stasny

Gallery Goodness, Tuesday 19th March 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 19 March 2019

It’s been three weeks since our last exciting excursion into the wide-ranging world of community-made pieces, and now we’re back again with another splendid selection of wonderful work. Take a look!

Playcard box

Gallery Goodness, February 26th 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 26 February 2019

Okay, so firstly, a little confession: I somehow managed to miss out a good number of photographs from the last post. That means that we have a really good haul of images to browse this time around. We’ll cover a lot of ground: projects large and small, from beginners to old hands, and a full…

Made from pine, finish with shellac

Gallery Goodness, 14th February 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 14 February 2019

As the sun’s glowing beams etch shimmering traceries across the workshop, it’s time for us to shed some light on the latest community photographs from the past two weeks…

Oak Hobby Horse with walnut inlay bridle and macrame mayne and tail

Gallery Goodness, 31st January 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 31 January 2019

We’ve had a really fantastic assortment of pictures submitted to the galleries over the past three weeks!

Taking Stock, 15th January 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 15 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019! (Hopefully, it’s not too late to say it.) Paul and team are very much geared up for the new year and ready to bring more instruction, innovation and hopefully some good fun, too. Here’s a little update on what we have been working on over the past couple of weeks. Free For…

Cypress top on painted poplar base.

Gallery Goodness, 9th January 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 9 January 2019

Alright, so this is a collection of every photo that has been submitted to the community galleries in the past month. There are quite a few of them…

Happy Christmas!

By Joseph Sellers | 20 December 2018

This has been a busy year and one where we made our biggest move yet, into our new studio/workshop/office. We have been working away behind the scenes making our work more streamlined and higher quality using our new setup. We have set up a brand new site called Common Woodworking to help bring in a…

My first Shaker stool in American cherry

Gallery Goodness, 6th December 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 6 December 2018

Another couple of weeks have flown by, and another impressive batch of photographs has rolled in. We have some beautiful furniture, some useful tools and even a few Christmas presents. I hope the recipients appreciate the amount of effort and skill that is going into these gifts! Poor Man’s Rebate Plane by L. Juday This…

Wall cabinet. Made from Scandinavian Redwood

Gallery Goodness, 21st November 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 21 November 2018

It’s been another couple of busy, busy weeks here at the workshop, with plenty of making and filming afoot. I have also had the honour, as usual, of looking through and processing all the fantastic pictures that have been sent in to the gallery. You’d think after two-and-lot years it would get old, but it…

Gallery Goodness, 5th November 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 5 November 2018

Another fine collection of images from our latest round of community uploads.