Adjustable Cherry Music Stand by Jeannie Grassi

Gallery Goodness, 26th September 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 26 September 2019

It’s been a week of mixed weather here, with the brightest of sunshine and the dampest of autumnal squalls. It’s also a week of somewhat mixed feelings, as work/school/university/pre-school has begun again in earnest for many of us. Yet, somehow, there always seems to be at least a smidgen of time available for a little…

End Grain Cutting Board by Matt Newnham

Gallery Goodness, 10th September 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 10 September 2019

It’s excellent weather for ducks, which is to say we’re beginning to ease ourselves gently into autumn here at the workshop.

Moving Workshop Table by mersey

Gallery Goodness, 28th August 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 28 August 2019

It’s very summery at the workshop and the brilliant, beaming sunshine is the perfect weather for working wood. Then again, we’re in the UK, so we’ll make do with the companionable patter of rain on the windows. This week’s photo submissions are surely provided by the most stalwart of woodworkers; unstoppable in any weather. Mail…

Workbench by Christian Unmack

Gallery Goodness, 13th August 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 13 August 2019

Time to be a little bit nosey and a lot bit impressed as we take a look at all of the community photos we have received over the last fortnight.

Shaker Style Sewing Cupboard and Desk by Harold Blair

Gallery Goodness, 30th July 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 30 July 2019

It’s been a little while since the last gallery post, so we have quite a few new photos to get through.

Two rockers and table for the front porch in Northern white cedar

Gallery Goodness, 3rd July 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 3 July 2019

Whilst Paul has been busy making his Console Table, folks from our community have also been hard at work on a whole variety of projects. Feast your eyes on their ingenious efforts below.

How To Table by Nap made

Gallery Goodness, 11th June 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 11 June 2019

We have a great selection of photos for you today. They feature project designs of Paul’s from across the years, adaptations of those designs given a new spin and several entirely new pieces. Laptop Desk by Stijn Bossuyt Desktop computer desk, loosely based on the laptop desk design. Made from oak. Mobile Table by Matt…

Chess Table by Waldo Nell

Gallery Goodness, 30th May 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 30 May 2019

Both skills and skill-builders are out in force! We’ve received a great variety of photos from everyone over the last two weeks; a fantastic reminder of the breadth of diverse and complex task that can be completed by the woodworker Thank you to everyone who sent something in! Dovetail Box by patrick loria small desktop…

Chessboard by Andrea Mazzini

Gallery Goodness, 16th May 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 16 May 2019

It looks like everyone has been working pretty hard over the past couple of weeks. Certainly, we have received some excellent images of many fine furnishings and workshop wonders…

Made out of 4x4 and 3x3 fence posts and some reclaimed construction timber. My first project! so nothing truly square. End product plays homage to Chesterfield Spire!

Gallery Goodness, 30th April 2019

By Mark Hawkins | 30 April 2019

Thanks once again to everyone who has sent in a photograph over the past week or so. We have been furnished with some great pieces to put on show… Tool Drawer organiser by Geoff Taylor (Nyda) Tool two drawer unit made with offcuts from previous projects. White oak drawer fronts, carcass Kiwi clear pine, ply…