Gallery Goodness, 5th November 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 5 November 2018

Another fine collection of images from our latest round of community uploads.

I built this base for our old cast iron farm sink. The legs are walnut with the rest of the cabinet being butternut. At this point it has no finish. The 24 mortise and tenon joints gave me lots of practice. Being able to watch various episodes as I was making those joints, the panels and the doors was a huge help.

Gallery Goodness, 19 October 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 19 October 2018

This week’s community gallery collection contains everything and the kitchen sink.

Gallery Goodness, 2nd October 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 2 October 2018

It seems like the breadth of woodworking experience is here this week: tables with (intentional) holes in, split ends, quite unhelpful dado rails and very helpful grandchildren. Never a dull moment in the workshop! Tool Cabinet by Michael O’Brien Many firsts in this project – first dovetails, first turning, first raised panel doors. Timber is…

Taking Stock, 20th September 2018

By Philip Adams | 21 September 2018

With the Bathroom Cabinet rounded out with a turned handle, and plenty of workbench customisations under out belt, who’s ready for a whole new batch of videos? For the premium projects, we’re well into the Eco Bin project, which is coming along nicely with the frames coming together. After the Eco Bin is complete and…

2nd grade pine finished with amber shellac and wax. Layout for the door build was the most I have 2 other doors that will need cabinets to! One will be a first aid cabinet for the garage. The other issue I encountered was my cabinet sides where not true to width- not the short side causing the installed mirror retaining bars to bump on the shelves. So instead of making the shelves thinner, i opted to make a bunch of small clips to avoid the shelves.

Gallery Goodness, 20th September 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 20 September 2018

We’ve had some very impressive submissions this week.

Mahogany dovetail box

Gallery Goodness, 4th September 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 4 September 2018

Thank you to everyone who sent in a photo (or two) over the last few weeks! All of the submissions we’ve received since the last post are arrayed below for your perusal.

Used fir 2x4's from Home Depot and an old twisted 4x4 for the legs. Made the 4 year old and 2 year old grandson's bench from left over material.

Gallery Goodness, 16th August 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 16 August 2018

It’s a rainy Thursday morning here at ‘Sellers Central’. The dark grey skies hold the promise of bright green grass to come, but for now Paul’s workshop is an amber-lit beacon of warmth on a particularly damp day. It is, as ever, encouraging to know that many other workshops are also being put to good…

Painted Poplar

Gallery Goodness, 1st August 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 1 August 2018

Another couple of weeks have passed and another fantastic selection of woodworking projects have been submitted to the galleries! Thank you to everyone who sent something in. Your work never ceases to inspire. Wallclock by Greg Made of white pine. This was a fun project and very rewarding. My wife wasn’t fond of the base…

Faux-jacobian frame-and-panel blanket chest in oak sized for baby blankets as a gift for a coworker who'd just had his first child. Drawbored mortise and tenon joints, low relief carving, tongue-and-grooved cedar base, finished with Osmo wood wax and beeswax.

Gallery Goodness, 18th July 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 18 July 2018

Thank you everyone! We’ve had another good couple of weeks of gallery submissions. You can see all of the photographs below. Workbench by jrmacias My take on the workbench… Lapping Stone Case by jrmacias Needed a simple case for the lapping stone, so used some reclaimed pine from the scraps pile. Occasional Table by Chason…

Taking Stock, 13th July 2018

By Philip Adams | 13 July 2018

We’re getting settled in… Things are getting more stable here at Rokesmith HQ. But don’t worry, we haven’t been resting on our laurels. In the studio, we continue to work on the lighting and acoustic properties of our new set, working to improve visibility for both Paul and you, our viewers, and produce clearer audio.…