Reclaimed tobacco barn poplar from western North Carolina. Tung oil finish.

Gallery Goodness, 3rd July 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 3 July 2018

It’s super-super hot here. At least, that’s what the non-Texan contingent of our team thinks. Still, it’s never too hot to admire the skills of our woodworking community, preferably with ice-cream in hand.

Joiner's Mallet in Cherry, Oak Handle

Gallery Goodness, 12th June 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 12 June 2018

It’s time for another look at the ever-spectacular work of our outstanding community.

Coasters are maranti and poplar, base is oak with maranti supports

Gallery Goodness, 25th May 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 25 May 2018

Has it really been a month since I last posted here? Time certainly has been speeding along, largely thanks to all the work we’ve been doing to get the new studio in tip-top shape. That work continues and I’m sure you’ll see Paul and the team go from strength to strength as they begin the…

Taking Stock and Moving In, 9th May 2018

By Philip Adams | 9 May 2018

So….. we’re finally in! We have just finished filming the Blanket Chest series, which was our last project to finish in the temporary space at the new building. It’s been quite a journey, from filming in the New Legacy Woodworking workshop at Penrhyn Castle, to the unit and temporary garage set at the Sylva Wood Centre,…

Oak back, Ash top and sapele pegs

Gallery Goodness, 25th April 2018

By Mark Hawkins | 25 April 2018

Our gallery continues to receive a steady flow of absolutely wonderful things. Take a look; maybe you’ll find something to spork your imagination!

Here's my version of Paul's latest design. I stayed true to the design, used as much salvage fir as I could for the top from an old storage shed. The bench turned out great and I had a fun time following along the videos.

Gallery Goodness, Bumper Easter Roundup 2018: Part 2

By Mark Hawkins | 29 March 2018

Welcome to stage two of our tour through the user submitted gallery pieces.

Small workbench in oak with walnut dowels.

Gallery Goodness, Bumper Easter Roundup 2018: Part 1

By Mark Hawkins | 28 March 2018

Spring is upon us here at the workshop and, with a long weekend coming up for some of us, I wanted to give you a chance to leaf through the many pieces which our community has submitted to the gallery over the past couple of months. The following images were uploaded during February. We will…

Taking Stock, 23rd March 2018

By Philip Adams | 23 March 2018

Well, it’s been a busy few months here at Woodworking Masterclasses, both with our move (which is ongoing) and with changes to aspects of the website including the video library. We also started a new Facebook page and Instagram account, so follow us there for more from behind the scenes. Many of you have been watching…

Workbench builds at full steam

By Philip Adams | 8 March 2018

We had a great response to our recent workbench survey. It’s exciting to see how many of you are following along with the workbench build and thank you so much for sending in your images and questions. I have included a few images of your builds at the bottom of the post. We had a…

We’ve Moved!

By Philip Adams | 26 February 2018

When we moved out of the castle workshop in North Wales into the workspace at the Sylva Foundation. We knew that a time would come when we would need a larger space, but we weren’t sure where or when. Those of you who follow Paul’s blog or YouTube channel may have noticed that we have…