What do you enjoy survey results

By Philip Adams | 1 December 2017

Thank you to all 1017 of you who filled out the latest survey on the content you most enjoy on Woodworking Masterclasses. For any of those interested, I have put together some charts for your perusal. We decided to seperate the results from free and premium members to help us to specifically meet the varying…

Used quarter-sawn white oak. To form legs I made a jig by drawing a center line on a 5" cutoff from a 2 X 4, drilling a 1 1/2" hole in the middle, ripping down the center line, gluing the two halves together, and trimming up with a plane. I put sandpaper in the 1 1/2 channel thus formed.

Gallery Goodness, 30th November 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 30 November 2017

Works of wonder, labours of love and undertakings of understated skill.

Recently on Woodworking Masterclasses

By Philip Adams | 21 November 2017

I thought it worth a little recap of the latest free tool and technique videos from the past few months, for anyone who missed them. Making and using a wooden spokeshave was a great combo of videos designed to give everyone the opportunity to use these wonderful and versatile tools.   The sharpening plate holder…

Cherry and maple with shellac

Gallery Goodness, 14th November 2017

By Mark Hawkins | 14 November 2017

We’re firing on all cylinders here at the workshop and, judging by all the submissions we have received, it looks like you are too. Keepsake Box by Clifford Canary wood with shellac finish Wallclock by Anthony Rich Dovetail Box by Anthony Rich Dovetail Practice Tool Cabinet by Farred Made of pine and hardwood veneer plywood.…

It has been five years!

By Joseph Sellers | 1 November 2017

Just over five years ago Paul and I decided to start this site. It was the 1st November 2012 that Paul posted our announcement of the site, precisely five years ago today! To celebrate, we are releasing a new video series on bench building. You can see the introduction here. This is a free project…

Workbench Incoming

By Philip Adams | 30 October 2017

Some of you may have noticed some changes happening in the background of the set. For those that are interested, Paul has blogged on the upcoming changes here and here. This will have a positive affect on Woodworking Masterclasses. It has been the natural progression from the last few years of putting together tool and…

Trinket box - small

Gallery Goodness, 17th October

By Mark Hawkins | 17 October 2017

We have had another great couple of weeks for photo submissions and, evidently, the application of elbow grease. Thank you all for sending them in! Workbench by Ian Lockwood A bench I made on a six day course recently Dining Table by Michael Gotz elm and glass Toolchest by Bryson Hillis I started on this…

Maple, teak oil.

Gallery Goodness, 6th October

By Mark Hawkins | 6 October 2017

Here is a little digest of the last week or so of user submissions to the gallery.

Coming up on Woodworking Masterclasses

By Philip Adams | 28 September 2017

Some of you may have spotted a few glimpses of upcoming projects on various social medias. I definitely recommend going and checking out both Paul’s Facebook page and Instagram feed, as well as his blog if you haven’t already discovered them. But I thought you would all be interested in where we are going with…

Kerfing Plane by Bartosz Pielak

Gallery Goodness, 27th September

By Mark Hawkins | 27 September 2017

With great pleasure, we present to you a collection of our latest user-submitted projects…