Baby’s Cot: Episode 3

Baby's Cot Episode 3 Keyframe

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Laying out, cutting and fitting the end frame top and bottom rail tenons. In this episode Paul shows how he guarantees exactness to the layout of the tenons using the square, knife and knifewalls for establishing the position of all of the shoulderlines at once. He uses the mortise gauge to position the tenons and then cuts the tenons using the tenon saw.

With the tenons roughed to size, Paul walks you through the stages of fitting the tenon to its specific mortise using the router to finesse the exact fit needed for solid joinery. The important element in this particular stage is preparing the top rail, with its angled presentation, to receive a fully aligned groove with those in the posts. Patience leads to perfected work and Paul shows how important this is in the critical juncture of these panelled end frames.

Important: Baby safety is a very important issue and many countries and regions have rules on how to keep babies safe. In building this cot we read through our own country’s guidance on this and we have done our best to interpret it and follow it. However, if you build a cot you should do your own research and make sure you follow the relevant guidance. This guidance changes regularly and differs from one place to another. Please do not follow what we have shown without checking it for yourself. The instruction we give should only be used as a starting point for the construction method. Setup, configuration and measurements of the cot you make should be checked to ensure that they are compliant with the guidance relevant to you.

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