1. Like all the Masterclasses I have enjoyed this in another very educational one.

    I’m a retired electronics tech. Over the years I have installed many motion detectors that have multiple wires with a plug that attaches to the motion detector but the other end, 5 or 6 long, is just loose ends. Having these frolicking about in the overhead as they run to the junction box creates an ugly mess. What I do is get all the wires to the same length, twist the last inch together, chuck them in a drill and twist them together into one multi-conductor cable. I have actually done this with two single wires about 30 feet long. It made for a nice, neat, 2 strand cable.

    After you doubled up and attached the first end of the hanger wire I would have put the loose ends in the drill and spun them together, that way there would be no chance of only catching one of the wires when being hung on the wall.

    Again, very nice instructional woodworking series.

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