1. Paul & team,
    Thanks for another great episode.

    I was wondering about the purpose of the reveal at the bottom of shaped piece on top (finnial?). Is this a traditional thing or somehow is connected with wood movement? If you were concerned about shrinkage of the shaped piece, I would guess it could be made a little taller and installed with opposite of the reveal – bottom would be below flush the unit top…

  2. Paul,

    A wonderful project!

    I see you are planing your miters free-hand and checking with a square. This certainly shows off your incredible skills, but why not use a shooting board and/or a donkey’s ear for that and get it dead-on? Is that perhaps not authentic?

    Thanks for this project!

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Paul says:
      That would necessitate me making a shooting board when it can be done as simply as I show in the video. A shooting board is really developed to minimise the need for skill, my method is really to encourage people to develop skill.


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