1. The technique of fast-forward through repetitive operations vs skipping totally is well appreciated. I feel it allows one to review the process in an additional informative way. By the way, love the music and overall production!

    1. Hi Jim,

      This was previously a paid project which we are releasing over the next few weeks as a free project. Episode 3 will be released as a free episode on Friday and the final episode will be released on the following Friday.

      Kind Regards,

    1. Hello Gordon,

      that happens (too), if the Referrer header doesn’t match the expectations of the vimeo.com website (which hosts the video for woodworkingmasterclasses.com).
      If you’re using the uMatrix Plugin, there’s the “Spoof Referrer” setting active on default.
      Here I wrote how to turn off that setting: https://woodworkingmasterclasses.com/videos/craftsman-style-bookends-info-page/craftsman-style-bookends-episode-2/#comment-303851

      Hope that helps,


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