17 comments on “Fitting a Cornice: Part 2

  1. Fitting the last piece of cornice appeared rather awkward. Would it have been possible to remove the detachable assembly from the cabinet in order to ‘fit’ the last mitre, then offer back up to the cabinet to prepare the rear notch out for the back panel?

    Nevertheless, another example of the perfectionist at work.

    What is the next project for our viewing?

  2. Very nice feature. I do wonder how you made the bullnose on the bead with such thin stock. Would love to hear a word about that.
    Last year when making a desk I had to buy prefabrecated thin wood with such a bead cause I had no idea how on earth I would clamp this long thin stock to round over one edge. Unfortunately I still have no clue.

  3. Thank you Paul. Your wood working craftsmanship is an absolute pleasure to watch.
    I like your introduction of the use of super glue in this class. I have used it a number of times on gunstock repairs and it has done a good job for me.
    Your calm presentation and excellent workmanship makes me want to do better.

    Thank you very much and God bless you.


  4. I absolutely love this man. Before I discovered his channel on YouTube, I used to mock the thought of woodworking with hand tools in the traditional way. For years, I cried about not having the finances, and/or, space to fit all the machines that I believed I needed, to get into woodworking, and to say that it made me depressed, is an under statement. you have given me a renewed interest, in what I truly believed, was out of my reach, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you so so much…

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