1. Same abrupt ending for me. The last word must be shellac. Did I win a price 🙂

    Great episode though. I am pretty sure that I will build this bench some day because the one I have now needs to be replaced.

    Question: would you also consider using rasps to shape the spindles?


  2. I am really enjoying this project. I have a question about the mortises. I am aware that your design is made around the average tools that most of us have though if that were not the case would you ream the mortises to a taper to except the spindle taper like a windsor chair ?

  3. Loving watching this project – I never knew you could make spindles without using a lathe. Just on the wedges, could you use that method to make tool handles for the likes of axes and hammers etc? Would it stand up to the forces? I have a couple hammers that have wobbly heads.

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