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        Paul says:
        This is a good question. Whereas you can use a single tenon and it would most likely serve very well, there is an intrinsic value to twin tenons like this in that they provide double the gluing surface and the joint is extremely strong, much stronger than a ½” single tenon. Also, I really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a method that was just lovely to do. I will be using this in other pieces.

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  1. As I have been thinking about how to make some Japanese influenced cabinet doors, I was both relieved and amazed to see you address the very thing I was desperate to know. You appear to read minds as well as you work wood! At this point it seems like even the production value of your videos do justice to the level of woodcraft in them. Calm, insightful commentary, great camera work, well chosen music, and of course the poetic rythm of master hands casting their spell. The whole exceeds the sum of its parts by a wide margin. Pure pleasure to watch. Thanks, thanks, thanks for a job so well done!

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