1. I’m thinking of making two of these as presents for my twin nephews (they just turned 11). Can I ask how much this one made of oak weighs? Obviously they will soon be growing into whatever the weight is, over the next few years, but I might substitute alder or pine if it is really heavy. Anyhow, thanks for offering this project, it looks like a great one to learn on.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this project. My toolbox will be stationary as I only work on my bench these days.
    just started on my box, made the main carcass deeper to suit.
    Thank you Paul and Team

  3. I’m with all the others, on this one Paul. It looks like a great project.
    I may convince the Mrs too keep this one indoors.
    If I’m not careful she may Nick it to be used for some thing else.
    Regards Larry.

  4. What a great project!

    Looking at the cutting list to see what timber I will need, I see that the metric width of the rear back panel is the same as the stiles and rails (all 83mm) whereas it should be much wider (211mm?) as shown in the drawing and imperial list.


  5. Musing on design a bit – 3/4″ stock, in dense wood (oak or other) will make a heavy box. I would think weight matters for a travel box. At approx 20″ x 9″ x 14″, would 5/8″ stock not be more than strong enough? Thoughts?

    1. Hi,

      Paul says:
      Yes, that’s obvious to everyone, but who is going to plane ⅛” off stock sized materials at ¾” just to save on something so minimally changed? Please try to remember that these changes can be chosen on an individual level to suit. Also it’s important to remember that many in my audience have access to store bought materials that seem always milled to 19mm or ¾” but do not have any machines. It’s a lot of work to plane this material down by hand.


  6. Quite a weight, true that…..
    I think that those old-time-carpenters ate all their greens, besides, they probably had a horse and cart.
    Then there were apprentices……………
    As an ex-apprentice, I can tell you a thing or two about hauling tool-boxes about!

  7. It looks like an interesting project. I have a suggestion about the drawer slides. I recently built a big toolchest for placement under a bench, and it has two-way drawers that are accessible from either side of the bench . The fact that the drawers are two-way is only somewhat relevant here, but what is relevant is how I made the slides. I made them beveled as you would cut French cleats for hanging cabinets on walls. This method keeps the drawers from cocking in the carcass, and I believe that for the two-way design, that it adds a measure of bracing to keep the drawers and carcass aligned since there is no back panel to stiffen the carcass.

  8. I’ve just ordered up three dimensioned American White Oak planks for this project this morning from McGregors here in Belfast.

    2 x 19x194x2440 and 1 x 19x220x2140 should cover it with a bit extra to spare.

    Total cost £135 inc VAT.

    My question is how does this price compare to what others are paying for similar wood elsewhere in the UK?

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