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Paul Sellers began his woodworking journey in a small joiner’s workshop in Stockport, England in 1965. Over the following years, he gained the skills and experience needed to teach others. Paul's passion for teaching led him to start up his YouTube channel with the help of his son, Joseph. Paul's tutorials helped a worldwide audience access woodworking information online, which inspired Paul and his son Joseph to create Woodworking Masterclasses in 2012. More recently, they launched the sister site, Common Woodworking, in 2018.

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"I have learned a lot from the site that has saved me much frustration from trial and error. The videos are very well thought out showing in detail how the targeted process is completed."
- Ray, Premium Member
"Woodworking Masterclass has been worth every penny. Paul Sellers is the leading authority on hand tool woodworking. His "you can do it" approach to teaching shines through in each video as he walks you through each process in great detail. Paul has given me something that I didn't know was missing in my life, and you can't put a price on that."
- Anthony, Premium Member
"This is perfect for woodworker's like me who are serious about learning the finer points of tool and technique, how to recover from a mistake, and who want to establish good habits from the very beginning."
- Charlie, Premium Member
"Every woodworker with less than 50 years of full-time, traditional hand tool woodworking experience will learn from Paul. And the video quality is exceptional!"
- Greg, Premium Member
"One day on YouTube while searching out how to build some shelves, I came across a video by Paul Sellers. His approach to traditional working fascinated me. I spent hours studying his techniques."
- Douglas, Premium Member
"I would without hesitation recommend Woodworking Masterclasses! If you want to learn about hand tool woodworking, there is no better source of knowledge and quality than Mr. Sellers and his team. I look forward to each Wednesday and rewatch older videos to refresh myself on techniques or tips in my current projects! "
- Jason, Premium Member
"I would recommend woodworking masterclass to all my woodworker friends from the very experienced to the new 1st stage beginners. I find it's like having my own personal artisan craftsman with me in the workshop. I highly recommend it."
- Peter, Premium Member
"Until Christmas last year I had been registered as a free member but I'm so glad that I became a paid member. There is such a broad range of projects, some of which are beyond my skill level today. However with Paul's teaching I feel it won't be long before he has built my skills and confidence so that even these will be within my grasp. The videography is superb and this combined with Paul's ability to know just how to position himself gives me the best view of each detail. I find myself watching episodes over and over again as there is so much to learn in each one."
- Paul, Premium Member

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