Do you want to cut dovetails as perfect as Paul?

Ever wondered how he makes sawing straight look so easy?

Have you ever seen Paul without his glasses?

Our new range of Woodworking Master Glasses will help you cut perfect joints, first time! Fitted with intelligent lenses, these glasses will make the hardest of projects look simple.

Using visual predictive technology, each pair of Woodworking Master Glasses will guide you through each step of a project without you even thinking about it.

See through the eyes of Paul Sellers with our new limited edition range!

WWMG wide

Limited Edition Master Glasses

Worn by the master craftsman himself, these Master Glasses have made Paul Sellers into the well respected woodworker he is today, now it's your turn!

£11.99 (excluding VAT)

It’s the 1st of April!

We know this is a really serious time for the whole world and that lots of people and companies have decided against an April Fools joke this year. We understand and respect that.

We thought long and hard about whether to release this video which we filmed a couple of weeks ago and we felt that even in a time of crisis there is a place for humour.

Please stay safe and do your best to help prevent the spread of the virus. Woodworking can be a great escape and solace in difficult times and we hope you are able to make some things out of wood and that our site and videos make isolation easier.

We would be delighted if we made you chuckle today!