We’ve got a great team here at Woodworking Masterclasses.

This page will help you get to know us a little better.

Paul Sellers
Presenter/Woodworker Extraordinaire

The perfection of hand tool woodworking techniques has been Paul’s life’s work, and he is still working on this all the time. Having made his living as a furniture maker for many years, Paul has latterly made teaching his primary focus. Presenting on video comes with its challenges, and Paul has had to learn how to make complicated pieces to camera in such a way that the processes are easily visible to the viewer. Working this way sometimes involves making things back-to-front. You can find out more about Paul on his blog.

Paul is an amateur woodworking enthusiast, who enjoys photography and wood-based architectural archaeology.

Phil, Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses
Phil Adams
Manager of Woodworking Masterclasses

Recognisable by his philosophical countenance and woodworker’s heart, Phil started apprenticing with Paul in North Wales in 2012. He soon began helping with the filming, with little-to-no idea of the gargantuan task this would quickly become. Phil now directs and produces the videos for Woodworking Masterclasses, as well as woodworking and helping with the project prototyping whenever possible. He also supports Paul in delivering the woodworking courses.

Phil spends his time on a large number of hobbies including cycling, photography, playing music, long walks in the country, reading and watching films.

Joseph Sellers
Company Founder

An accomplished craftsman himself, and being very familiar with Paul’s approach to teaching, it was Joseph who first perceived the potential utility of recording Paul’s work for a wider audience in the way that we currently do. Joseph’s first video of Paul, recorded on an iPhone, can still be seen on YouTube. Nowadays, Joseph’s professional life consists of equal parts of corralling the rest of us into order and maintaining a vision for the clear communication of a practical approach to woodworking.

When not working, Joseph enjoys thinking about work, keeping abreast of the latest developments in practical technology and teaching his cat, Felix, how to be British.

Videographer/Video Editor

Eloise is a consummate professional, keeping the video work ticking over with the deft touch of a filmic ninja. She works with Phil on the cameras, keeps track of the vast accumulation of video files, and edits together each episode with the aim of accurately showing what Paul is up to. She is also the person most likely to make the rest of us look cool by association.

Ellie is a folk-rock star and committed roller derby skater and athlete.

Mark Hawkins
Office Manager

Mark doesn’t just create spreadsheets, he creates impressive spreadsheets. With splashes of colour and formulas that double check his sums he keeps track of stock, makes sure customer’s orders arrive and keeps our books tidy. Each week he sends out friendly reminders that videos are ready to view and makes sure that he deals with any issues swiftly.

Mark is an accomplished cartoonist and fills his lunch breaks, evenings and weekends creating fantastic worlds filled with friendly monsters and accident prone pirates.