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We've got a great team here at Woodworking Masterclasses, this page will help you get to know us a little better.

Paul Portrait Feb 2019

Paul Sellers

Presenter/Woodworker Extraordinaire

The perfection of hand tool woodworking techniques has been Paul’s life’s work. His enthusiasm for the craft is highly infectious and his skill is second to none. Having made his living as a furniture maker for many years, Paul has latterly turned to teaching as a means to bring the benefits of the craft to the lives of people around the world. Presenting on video comes with its challenges, and Paul has had to learn how to make complicated pieces to camera in such a way that the processes are easily visible to the viewer. Working this way sometimes involves making things back-to-front. You can find out more about Paul on his blog.

Paul is an amateur woodworking enthusiast, who enjoys photography, walks in nature and wood-based architectural archaeology.

Joseph 3

Joseph Sellers

Company Founder

An accomplished craftsman himself, and being very familiar with Paul’s approach to teaching, it was Joseph who picked up a camera(phone) and got the ball rolling on our current mission to provide clear woodworking instruction, where the form follows the message. Joseph’s first video of Paul, recorded on a now severely outmoded iPhone, can still be seen on YouTube. Nowadays, Joseph’s professional life consists of equal parts of corralling the rest of us into order and maintaining a vision for the clear communication of a practical approach to woodworking.

When not working, Joseph enjoys thinking about work, keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology and teaching his cat, Felix, how to be British.



Office Manager

Mark doesn’t just create spreadsheets, he creates impressive spreadsheets. With splashes of colour and formulas that double check his sums he keeps track of stock, makes sure customer’s orders arrive and keeps our books tidy. Each week he sends out friendly reminders that videos are ready to view and makes sure that he deals with any issues swiftly.

Mark is an accomplished cartoonist and fills his lunch breaks, evenings and weekends creating fantastic worlds filled with friendly monsters and accident prone pirates.

Natalie 1


Video Editor

Natalie works to bring Paul’s tutorials to you with beautiful colour and an utterly seamless edit. Natalie can often be found behind the camera or editing together footage of Paul’s escapades. She also works on our motion graphics and makes sure that the colour balance is right for every shot, keeping each scene readable to the audience.

Natalie loves the cinema and enjoys editing film from a range of sources, especially when music is involved. She has been described as a crazy cat lady, although, having never met any of her cats, we are in no position to corroborate this statement.

Will Headshot 2



At the drop of a hat, Will can take out a camera and capture the very essence of a moment forever, safely saved onto an SD card for later retrieval and editing. Through this process, he brings us right into Paul’s workshop and allows us to see the crucial fine details which bring a project together.

Will enjoys photography and has a broad collection of useful and novel cameras to ensure that he is ready for any situation. He also goes to the cinema near constantly and is part of a ‘metal band’, which we can safely assume is a brass band with a more generalised remit.