Reply To: Saw jointing and teeth reshaping.. i’m frustradted


Hi !
The file is used to level the saw teeth. Then you have to file the entire saw tooth by tooth and repeat until there are no more flats. This way each tooth will be filed with the same number of strokes for each tooth.
If you file more the teeth with larger flats they will be lower than the others with small flat.
Also keep in mind that a tooth can be sharpened from the front and the back. If you focus on a tooth with a large flat from the front for example, it will be sharp but the front gullet will be deeper than the back one. So sharpening each tooth with the same number of strokes is, i think, the only way to keep everything level and consistant.

I’m not an expert in saw sharpening but I think this could be the problem.

EDIT : Paul Sellers seems to say in this video that you have only to insist on the ones with larger flats (but from each side), so maybe my contribution is not so relevant