Reply To: Stanley No 78

John Grogan

I hope some of you with more experience can help me with the issue I have with this plane. Paul’s video on the Fillister Plane was very helpful to me but as I practice on a scrap piece of wood I run into some trouble.

As Paul suggest’s I begin at the far end of the piece of wood but as I move back to the near end I notice my cut are not perpendicular.
Looks good
Not good
Also, I notice the depth stop has two slides to fit the body of the plane. However, the body itself has only one guide. This misaligns the depth stop and if I try to take an accurate measurement my ruler does not securely butt up to the stop. Why is it designed this way? Do people file away the unnecessary slide?

Why this way?
One last thing is the adjustment for the iron. Here, on the first notch, I take off two much or not at all. There’s no in between. I would like to get a thin shaving just like I can with a smoothing plan. Also, too much shaving means too much force and I think this adds to the problem I have keeping the plane secure to the side of the piece of wood. When I switch to the next notch I have no engagement with the wood, meaning the iron never goes through the sole. I’m wonder here if people widen the notches to allow for more adjustment or is this a mistake?

Thank you all. –John

Dripping Springs, Texas
First met Paul when he lived is Texas. So happy he is active online. We are all blessed for his generosity.
Would be happy to meet anyone in the Austin area who also follows Paul's work.