Reply To: Share your experience with bandsaws

George Scales

I have a 14″ Delta that I bought new 30 years ago. I struggled with drift for years. Then I learned to square the table to the blade. I have aftermarket (Carter) guides. I wanted to be able to rip a board straight. I usually leave my line and plane it afterwards. For years I did re-sawing on the table saw. It worked but it is tedious and waste a lot of wood and can be dangerous. Your band saw will come for the factory under powered. That is why it stalls when re-sawing and sometimes on sharpe curves. I upped the horsepower on my saw just a year ago and kick myself for not having done it years ago. The speed is the same, but now it doesn’t stall on a re-saw. Also, when I install a new blade, I take a small whet stone and rub it and forth on the back side of the blade with the saw running. This dresses the blade’s back edges for a smother cut. I also wax my table once a week.