Reply To: Stanley side rebate plane No. 79 blades sharpening

Antonio Santos

@YrHenSaer, That’s what I was trying to do, because it seems to be the only possible solution to have the plane fully functional

But then I noticed that as the slope is accentuated, the tip of the blades comes out of the plane, which does not make it functional.
If the tips of the blades do not come out of the planer, they will not make a full width cut.

And the other issue is that the two extremities of the plane do not let the blades come out completely, because they make a different angle. The solution would be to unscrew them and also file the inner area of these ends, forming an angle similar to the angle formed by the blades, so that the blades have more space to slide

But then there’s the issue where the tips of the blades come off the plane… 🙁

I don’t understand how this plane has been used in this way for so many years
Because if the blades are not sharpened parallel to the sole of the plane, only the top of the blade will cuts not the entire width of the blade.

I’m sending some pictures, I hope it helps to understand the issue.

I drew some arrows to try to better explain the problem of the inclination where the blades are placed. The direction of the arrow represents the direction of the slope, from the smallest to the largest slope.