Reply To: Stanley side rebate plane No. 79 blades sharpening

Antonio Santos

Hi @YrHenSaer, thanks for your inputs.

Regarding your points:

3 – One blade is 55º, the other is 53º, with the new angle formed. When I received them, one was 59º and 57º.
The cutting angle has the normal angle that chisels have, between 25-30º

4 – Ok, so that’s what I have to aim for. But If the pointed tips protrude 1mm. wouldn’t they leave a fine trace in the bottom of the groove, when they make the final pass?
For that to happen, I think I have to also grind the tip of the blades, and that’s unusual, I think (picture in attach).

I don’t think I can grind the skews based on an angle (in this case, 60º), because if I do that, I’m ignoring the parallelism between the blades and the sole of the plane. I have to grind it base on the method that Paul teaches, right?

I think it’ll be dificult to have the blades sharpened parallel to the sole of the plane, without having to grind the planes mouths, to give some space for the blades to slightly protrude, parallel to the sole

Começo a pensar que tenho mesma uma faulty unit 🙁