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Colin Scowen

In reply to Ken’s tip: I find that being able to make a few gauges, routers etc makes it much easier to avoid un-setting them, because you have enough. Cheap plastic vernier calipers are also quite useful. You don’t measure with them, but they do make useful gauges that present what you’ve gauged in different ways.

A lesson I learned tonight: If it’s a rusty thread under a nut. Clean the thread as best you can so that you can see if the thread is left or right handed. That way you don’t end up ruining the nut when you try to remove it (or tighten it up too much in this case).

A lesson I learned in the past: If you see an 18mm wooden rebate plane, measure the stem of the blade. If it’s 6mm, then take the blade out, turn it over, grind a bevel on the end of the stem, and then remove 6mm by 6mm from each side of the base of the plane. You can screw a piece of plywood to the side as a fence. Cover the 18mm end with a plastic chisel protector. There you have a plough plane that will give you a 6mm deep by 6mm wide groove 6mm up from the reference edge that the fence is riding on. It’s also super easy to move the fence to the other side if you find you are going against the grain.

Colin, Czech Rep.

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