Reply To: Lessons learned

Sven-Olof Jansson

Another lesson learned, also on doors:

After having achieved a very tight fit for a set of solid white oak doors, I bevelled the edge opposite the hinges; not only to be able to close them, but also with the notion that the doors would stay closed by being in contact with the carcass. Small pieces of wood glued to the inside of the carcass, were to prevent the doors from going to deep.

After four layers of water-based polyurethane, the cabinets were left to dry and cure for a number of days, after which the doors could no longer be closed. Two months later they do, but there’s an annoying twist to one, while the other has cupped.

I suppose there must have been swelling by moisture entering into the wood once the cabinets were in place; or could it perhaps be that the very quick drying was the consequence of the water in the varnish not only evaporating, but also penetrating the wood?

Eventually, I added a minute bevel to the outside edges of the doors. It fools the eye; leaving me with the lessons learned of that water always seems to find its way, that kitchen cabinets might do well with “euro-hinges”, and that warp is always lurking around the corner

Sven-Olof Jansson
London, UK; Boston, MA