Reply To: Attaching desktop to legs (perhaps) without an apron

Sven-Olof Jansson

Faarup Møbelfabrik + Jørgen Linde + Dining Table in Rosewood led, among many other, to a link (a mile long) that had photo, which perhaps gives some insight, literally, on how these pieces were made. The facing might be beech, but the rosewood is clearly not veneer, but thick enough to be “moulded”.

The end grain of the facing of the piece I saw, looks like beech (could of course be any wood), and as beech is the second most common tree species in Denmark, allegedly often used by the furniture industry (less so nowadays, I believe), I will go with the facing being beech.

If beech, then that should be dimensionally stable (information from purchase head at local timber yard; a man with a PhD in dendrology), and that is as much as I understand of wood dimensions and humidity. Precisely as this writing desk, prestigious antique furniture doesn’t seem to be afflicted – at least not the pieces I’ve seen.

Sven-Olof Jansson
London, UK; Boston, MA