Reply To: Lessons learned

Sven-Olof Jansson

Thanks Colin!

Now see a solution to the problem of work pieces tilting when clamped in the front vice of my workbench, which happens when the piece cannot override the rods and screw of the vice. Please see attached photo on current awkward approach.

1. Drill more ¾” holes into the front legs of the workbench.
2. Run ¾” holes into a a 1¾” thick board with a groove along one edge (available from the timber yard), allowing the board to span the length of the bench.
3. Make two wedged pieces with tongues along the long catheti (to go into the groove of the board in 2. above), and grooves along the hypotenuses.
4. A matching set of wedged pieces with tongues along the hypotenuses. Add two housings at the long catheti, to allow for Bessey Gear Clamps 150 mm; which should prevent the wedges from slipping apart

5. Knock dowels into suitable holes of the long piece and to a pair of leg holes at some approximately acceptable height. Clamp the work piece and let it rest on the board below

6. Precision placement: Use the wedged pieces for a precise height of the work piece above the bench.

Sven-Olof Jansson
London, UK; Boston, MA