Reply To: The Yoke and its initial ‘setting’.

Steve Hadley

Thanks for the steer, Matt. Your process makes a lot of sense to me and I will try it to see if it fixes the issues I was having. When the plane arrived I took it apart and the frog was set quite well back and wasn’t straight. I fiddled around with it and had it lined up with the rear of the mouth but when I dropped in the iron and breaker, the blade was basically almost extended past the front of the mouth. I ended up fiddling around and switching things, and got it pretty close to how I thought it should be, but I will re-assess as I did end up moving the frog back. It hadn’t even occurred to me to rest the iron on the frog so it just protruded and adjust! I may have got there at some point but you have helped enormously.

I will let you know how it goes and whether I am experiencing other issues. Many thanks once again, Matt.

All the best